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BA (Hons) MA (National University of Singapore)
MA PhD (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

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Research Interests

  • Modern & Contemporary Chinese literature

  • Hong Kong Literature
  • East & Southeast Asian Literature

Dr. Wu received his PhD degree in Chinese literature from the University of Washington at Seattle. He taught at the National University of Singapore before joining City University of Hong Kong in December 2006. An academician as well as a creative writer, he is the author of Narration Proves Existence: Deliberation on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, and six books of poetry and fiction. His specialization in modern and contemporary literature can also be seen in his two edited books: Spiritual China: Literary Quest in the Post-1976 Era and Contemporary Literature and Humanist Ecology, and his serving as the editorial board member of Journal of Chinese Literary Studies, subject specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), and reviewer of overseas and local academic journals. He won national and regional prestigious literary awards including the Singapore Literature Prize twice (2010, 2016), Singapore Young Artist Award (1998) and ASEAN Young Artist Award (1993). He was constantly invited as judge for Singapore literary awards.


Courses Taught

  • Special Topics in Chinese Language and Literature
  • Topics in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Topics in Classical Chinese Literature
  • Great Works after Sui Dynasty
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Selected Authors in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Publications (selected)


Poem, music and video

  1. 《來到2016年的西洋菜南街》[Youtube: 詩歌生活節2016 詩與歌街頭音樂會:來到2016年的西洋菜南街]


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Articles in English and Japanese

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Articles in Chinese

  1. 吳耀宗. (2016) 〈水往高處流:讀彭依仁詩集《灰鴿自由行》〉[Water Flowing Upward: Reading Peng Yiren’s The Free Roaming of Grey Pigeons]. In《聲韻詩刊》[Voice and Verse], Vol.33, Dec, pp. 39-42.
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  3. 吳耀宗. (2014)〈張煒「看」小說的方法:以《鹿眼》為例〉[How Zhang Wei ‘Sees’ Fiction – The Deer’s Eye of You Are in the Highlands as an Example]. In《當代文壇》[Modern Literary Magazine], Vol.1, pp. 44-52.
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  1. Strategic Research Grant (SRG Project No. 7004480): A Critical Review of the Theories of Social Movementization in Literature, 2015-2016. Principal Investigator.
  2. Strategic Research Grant (SRG Project No. 7004322): A Study of the Social Movementization of Hong Kong Modern Poetry, 2014-2015. Principal Investigator.
  3. Strategic Research Grant (SRG Project No.7008172): The Post-1997 Northbound Movement of Hong Kong Writers, 2012-2013. Principal Investigator.
  4. Prospect of Cultural Industry in Gaomi (with and sponsored by Shandong Academy of Social Sciences), 2011-2012. Co-investigator.
  5. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant (Project No. 9610088): A Study of Hong Kong-based Shanghainese Novelists and the “Old Color Culture,” 2008-2009. Principal Investigator.
  6. International Joint-Research on East Asia and Murakami Haruki (with and sponsored by University of Tokyo), 2006-2009. Co-investigator.


  1. Singapore Literature Prize, 2016.
  2. Singapore Literature Prize, 2010.
  3. Yew Tee Award (for outstanding community service), Singapore, 2004.
  4. Singapore Young Artist Award, 1998.
  5. Singapore Book Award (highly commended, poetry section), 1996.
  6. NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship, 1995-2000.
  7. 1st prize in ASEAN Young Artist Award, 1993.
  8. NUS Graduate Scholarship, 1991-1993.
  9. NUS Tong Kit Hin Memorial Medal, 1990.
  10. Singapore Golden Lion Award (highly commended, fiction section), 1989.
  11. Singapore Lion City Rotary Literary Award (in fiction and poetry sections), 1988.
  12. 1st runner up in Singapore National Short Story Competition, 1986.

Professional Service

  • Director, The Society of Hong Kong 18 Districts Poetry Gathering
  • Subject Specialist, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (2003-2013; 2015- )
  • Editorial Board Member, The International Journal of Study on Modern Chinese Literature in East Asia (2005- )
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Chinese Literary Studies (2015- )
  • Council Member, International Guo Moruo Academy (2012- )


Last updated: 24 January 2017