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程美寶教授 (程美寶教授)

B. Soc. Sc. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with First Class Honors)
M.St., D.Phil. (The University of Oxford).


Contact Information

Office: LI-4715
Phone: 3442-2431
Email: mayching@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Social and Cultural History of Modern China
  • History of South China
  • Historical Anthropology

CHING May Bo is currently a Professor of History at the Department of Chinese and History, the City University of Hong Kong, and the “Distinguished Professor of the Pearl River Scholars” of Guangdong Province (Sun Yat-sen University). For the past eighteen years, she has been working at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. She has published extensively on a variety of subjects relating to social and cultural history of modern China. Her book Regional Culture and National Identity: the shaping of “Guangdong Culture” since the late Qing discusses changes in the articulation of regional identity against the rise of nationalism at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. In recent years, she has been examining how the regional culture of South China took shape in a trans-regional context in terms of sound, colour and tastes from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

Courses Taught

  • Lingnan’s Cultural Traditions and Heritage
  • Searching for Cultural Identity: Reflections upon Cultural Politics and Policy
  • History and Heritage

Publications (selected)

Books (authored)

  • 《地域文化與國家認同:晚清以來“廣東文化”觀的形成》,北京:生活 • 讀書•新知三聯書店,2006年。

Books (edited and authored/ translated)

  • 《廣州製作:歐美藏19世紀中國蓪紙畫》(伊凡•威廉斯著,程美寶譯編),廣州:嶺南美術出版社,2014年。
  • 《把世界帶進中國:從澳門出發的中國近代史》,北京:社會科學文獻出版社,2013年。(編輯、作者,與何文平、趙立斌、黄健敏、胡雪蓮合著)
  • 《平民老倌羅家寶》(作者、編撰),香港:三聯(香港)出版有限公司,2011年。
  • 《西方人眼裡的中國情調:伊凡•威廉斯捐贈十九世紀廣州外銷通草紙水彩畫》(第一編纂、中英文翻譯),北京:中華書局,2001年。
  • 《香港歷史1842-1997》教材光盤,香港:香港公開大學出版社(2000年,2004年再版)。
  • A History of Hong Kong 1842-1997 (revised edition, 2nd compiler, with David Faure), Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong, 2002.
  • 《香港史研究論著選輯》(與趙雨樂合編,第一編者),香港:香港公開大學出版社,1999年。


  • 《源杏翹在鄉下》,容世誠主編:《戲園•紅船•影畫:源氏珍藏“太平戲院文物”研究》,香港:香港文化博物館編製,2015年,第64-71頁。
  • “The Flow of Turtle Soup from the Caribbean via Europe to Canton, and Its Modern American Fate”, Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2016, pp. 79-89.
  • 《離散與分斷:後冷戰時期香港的冷戰》 (Diaspora and Division: The Cold War in Post-Cold War Hong Kong),張頌仁 Chang Tsong-Zung、高士明 Gao Shiming 主編:《三個藝術世界:中國現代史中的一百件藝術物》(3 Parallel Artworlds: 100 Art Thing From Chinese Modern History),Asia One Books 宏亞出版有限公司,2015年。
  • 《從“省港澳”到“粤港澳”——歷史失憶與現實定位》,賀照田、高士明主編:《人間思想》第一輯,北京:金城出版社,2014年。
  • 《華南研究——歷史人類學の實踐について》(土肥步譯),谷垣真理子、塩出浩和、容應萸編:《變容する華南と華人ネットワークの現在》,東京:風響社,2014年。
  • “Chopsticks or Cutlery? How Canton Hong merchant entertained foreign guests in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?”, in Kendall Johnson (ed.), Narratives of Free Trade: The Commercial Cultures of Early US-China Relations, Hong Kong University Press, 2012.
  • 《破墻而出:清末民初廣州西關地區景觀的延續與變遷》,蘇基朗主編:《中國近代城市文化的動態發展:人文空間的新視野》,杭州:浙江大學出版社,2012年。
  • 《近代的男性性と民族主義》(新居洋子譯),收入辛亥革命百週年紀念論集編輯委員會:《總合研究 辛亥革命》,東京:岩波書店,2012年。
  • Review: Eric Ma Kit-wai, Desiring Hong Kong: Consuming South China, Hong Kong University Press, 2012, South China Morning Post, Book Reviews 15, 2012.
  • “‘What Alternative do you have, Sixth Aunt?’ Women and Marriage in Cantonese Ballads”, in Helen Siu (ed.), Merchants’ Daughters: Women, Commerce and Regional Culture in South China, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2010.
  • 《水上人引水:16-19世紀澳門船民的世界》,《學術研究》,2010年第4期。
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  • 《班克斯爵士與中國》,《近代史研究》,2009年第4期。
  • Book Review: Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China, by Anne E. McLaren, Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2008, The China Journal, No. 62, July 2009.
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  • “Where Guangdong meets Shanghai: Hong Kong Culture in a Trans-regional Context”, in Helen F. Siu and Agnes S. Ku (eds.), Hong Kong Mobile: Making a Global Population, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2008.
  • 《從思想史到思想家的歷史:評麥哲維《學海:十九世紀廣州的社會流動性與身份認同》,《清史研究》,2007年5月。
  • 《近代地方文化的跨地域性:20世紀二、三十年代粵劇、粵樂和粵曲在上海》,《近代史研究》,2007年第2期。
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  • 《區域研究取向的探索:評楊念群《儒學地域化的近代形態》》,《歷史研究》,2001年第1期。
  • 《陳寅恪與牛津大學》,《歷史研究》,2000年第3期。


Grant (current):

  • Compilation Project of Chronicle of Chinese Opera (Volume on Macau) and Chronicle of Chinese Operatic Singing (Volume on Macau), entrusted by the Ministry of Culture, P. R. China and funded by Macau Foundation (commenced in 2013)
  • “The Shaping of Local Cultures in South China: a global perspective”, funded by the Department of Education, Guangdong Provincial Government (commenced in 2014).

Awards (since 2000)

  • Outstanding teacher of South China, awarded by Guangdong Provincial Education Department, 2000
  • K.C. Wong Fellowship, British Academy, affiliated to Oxford University, 2002
  • Fulbright Scholar, affiliated to Yale University, 2003
  • Swire Fellow, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, U.K., January-March 2008.
  • Guangdong Provincial Book Award (1st rank, Philosophy and Social Sciences), for books published in the years 2006-07, issued 2009.
  • Distinguished Professor of the Pearl River Scholars of Guangdong Province(Sun Yat-sen University),2011-

Professional Service

  • Advisory Board Member, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong,2016-2019)
  • Advisory Committee Member, Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee, Secretary for Home Affairs (Hong Kong,2016-2018)
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal for Maritime Research (UK, since 2010)
  • Editorial Board Member, Frontiers of History in China (China, since 2009)
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of History and Anthropology (Hong Kong,2001)
  • Consultant, Cultural Affairs, Zhongshan Municipal Government, Guangdong Province(since 2005)

Last updated: 28 October 2016