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張万民博士 (張万民博士)

Mphil. Beijing Normal University (China)


Contact Information

Office: LI-4713
Phone: 3442-6530
Email: ctzhangw@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Classical Chinese Poetry
  • Classical Chinese Literary Criticism
  • The Book of Odes and Classic Studies
  • Literary Culture of Tang and Song China
  • Chinese Literature in America and Sinology

Before joining City University, Dr. Zhang taught in Lingnan University. What Dr. Zhang is working on include: the connection between Zhu Xi’s exegesis of The Book of Odes and literary culture of Song dynasty, the reception of classical Chinese literature in the English-speaking world, and the history of Chinese poetics and literary criticism.

Courses Taught

  • Chinese Literary Criticism
  • Great Works in Classical Chinese Literature After Sui Dynasty
  • Great Works in Classical Chinese Literature Before Tang Dynasty
  • Selected Readings in Chinese Language & Literature 
  • Topics in Tang Poetry

Publications (selected)

  •  “TheReception of Zhu Xi’s Conception of Bi-xing in the Qing Dynasty,” in Yeol-sang Journal of Classical Studies vol.47 (Oct., 2015): 477-513.
  • 〈《詩經》在17—18世紀英國的流傳〉,《歷史文獻研究》第35輯,上海:華東師範大學出版社,2015年10月,頁53-72。“The Shijing in the 17th Century and 18th Century England.”
  • 〈中西比較視野下的中國詩學:從劉若愚到余寶琳〉,載《當代比較文學與方法論建構》,上海:復旦大學出版社,2014年5月,頁176-183。 “Chinese Poetics and Chines-Western Comparative Perspective.”
  • “A Revisit of Zhu Xi’s Systematic Fu-bi-xing from His Discussion on Bi,” in Fudan Journal (Social Sciences), 56 (2014.1): 88-99.
  • 〈朱熹興論的思想背景〉,黃霖、周興陸編《視角與方法》,南京:鳳凰出版社,2013年8月,頁473-481。“Zhu Xi’s Conception of Xing and Its Background.”
  • “The Configuration of Lyric Subject in Du Fu’s Playful Poems,” in Yangtze River Academic (Wuhan University), 2011.3: 36-44.
  • “The Study of Wang Wei in the English World,” in Literature and Culture Studies (Nankai University), 2011.1: 46-52.
  • “A Comparison Between Wai-lim Yip and Stephen Owen,” in Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art, 2009.4: 57-63.
  • “Re-examination of Zhu Xi’s Sanjing Sanwei,” in Studies in the Book of Odes, vol.16, pp. 342-353, Beijing: Academy Press, 2009.
  •  “Zhuxi’s Views on Fu, Bi, and Xing,” in The Transmission and Transformation of Chinese Culture, ed. Wong Wang Chi, Daniel P. L. Law, and Leung Yuen Sang, pp.237-249. Hong Kong: the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009.
  • “Three Types of Anglo-American Scholars’ Studies in Chinese Literary Theory,” in Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art, 2008.1: 21-26.

Book Review:

  • Review of Love and War in Ancient China: Voices from the Shijing, in Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 77.3 (Oct 2014): 624-625.


  • GRF 2015-2017 Zhu Xi’s Literary Thought and Literary Culture in Song China(11602215)
  • SRG Project “A Comprehensive Collection and Examination of English Translations of Classical Chinese Literary Theory.”
  • SRG Project “Anglo-American Sinologists’ Studies of Traditional Chinese Literary Thought: Comparison of Their Translations and Compilation of Annotated Bibliography.”

Last updated: 15 August 2016