Prof. ZHANG, Longxi's Publications

From Comparison to World Literature

From Comparison to World Literature

ISBN 978-1-4384-5471-9
SUNY series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture
2015, Published by SUNY Press (State University of New York Press), Albany


The study of world literature is on the rise. Until recently, the term world literature was a misnomer in comparative literature scholarship, which typically focused on Western literature in European languages. In an increasingly globalized era, this is beginning to change. In this collection of essays, Zhang Longxi discusses how we can transcend Eurocentrism or any other ethnocentrism and revisit the concept of world literature from a truly global perspective. Zhang considers literary works and critical insights from Chinese and other non-Western traditions, drawing on scholarship from a wide range of disciplines in the humanities, and integrating a variety of approaches and perspectives from both East and West. The rise of world literature emerges as an exciting new approach to literary studies as Zhang argues for the validity of cross-cultural understanding, particularly from the perspective of East-West comparative studies.

Last updated: 20 January 2015