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郭錦鴻先生 (郭錦鴻先生)



Contact Information

Office: LI-4709
Phone: 3442-2991
Email: kk.hung@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Chinese Literature and Religion
  • Culture of Chinese Buddhism
  • Education and Technology
  • Language and Media

Mr Kwok received his MPhil from the City University of Hong Kong, and PGDE from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with double distinctions (Teaching and Classwork). His primary research interest is Chinese Literature and Chan Buddhism. He is currently teaching Chinese Civilisation, the Silk Road, Chan Buddhism, Chinese expository writing at the Department of Chinese and History. Mr Kwok had also taught Chinese Literature and Religion, Topics on Tang Poetry, Classical Chinese, Modern Chinese and Essential Concepts in Chinese Language since 2004. He is also the only recipient of Teaching Excellence Award in 2011.

Courses Taught

Publications (selected)

  • 〈禪詩鴻鴈、燕子、鶯鳥意象探析──兼論三者於漢文佛典之使用概況),《中國文化研究所學報》,2016年第62期,頁23-57。
  • Kam-hung Kwok & Ka-wai Fan (2016). The Use of GIS Technology in Cultural Heritage Teaching - a Case Study of the Interactive Platform for Cultural Field Trips. Indigenous Culture, Education and Globalization: Critical Perspectives from Asia. New York: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2016, pp. 181-206.
  • 〈禪宗的「教」與「學」〉,《佛門》,第2期,2011,頁38-41。
  • 〈象徵教學法的形象性──兼談禪實踐論與班杜拉社會學習論的比配關係〉,《明覺》,2011年第215期。
  • 〈中國佛教「家」觀念略析〉,《出世與入世:佛教的現代關懷》。北京:中國社會科學出版社,2010,頁338-354。
  • 〈十六羅漢與十八羅漢略考〉,《香港佛教》,第596期,頁12-15。
  • 〈大學課程的考察教學活動及評估--以香港城市大學「貴州少數民族村寨及小學探訪之旅」為例〉,《反璞歸真──貴州少數民族村寨及小學探訪之旅》。香港:香港城市大學出版社,2009,頁148-160。




  • Teaching Excellence Award, City University of Hong Kong (2010-2011)


  • Web Application on Interactive Platform for Cultural Field Trip (IPFiT) Development (CityU, Project code:6989013) 2012-2014.

  • GIS for Teaching Chinese Civilization: Integrating Google Map, Wikipedia and Video on Demand (CityU, Project code:TDG6000307) 2010-2011.

Professional Service

  • Editor, “西域: 中外文化的中轉站”, Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, 2009.
  • 責任編輯,《西域: 中外文化的中轉站》。香港:香港城市大學出版社,2009。



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