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金環博士 (金環博士)

BA (Fudan University)
MA (Washington University in St. Louis)
Ph.D. (Harvard University)


Contact Information

Office: LI-4718
Phone: 3442-9733
Email: huanjin@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Late Imperial Chinese Literature
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • The History of the Book
  • East Asian Cinema

Dr. Jin is a specialist in late imperial and modern Chinese literature and culture, with a focus on media studies. Her teaching and research interests include late imperial and modern Chinese literature, book history, theater, and visual culture. Her current book project focuses on the profound transmutations of Chinese literature and culture in the nineteenth century with the Taiping Civil War (1851–1864) as a pivot. Inquiring into the reinvention of language and culture under historical violence, Dr. Jin adopts a trans-temporal and transmedia approach to study the multifarious ways in which Chinese literature and culture is shaped and reimagined from pre-modern to modern times.

Courses Taught

Publications (selected)

  • “The Multitude of Otherness During the Taiping Civil War" (forthcoming in July 2020, Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture)
  • Bikou riji: A Manuscript of Personal Accounts from the Taiping Civil War (1851–1864)” (forthcoming in December 2019, Late Imperial China)
  • “Authenticating the Renewed Heavenly Vision: The Taiping Heavenly Chronicle (Taiping tianri)” in Frontiers of History in China, 13 (2), July 2018. 173–192.
  • “Violence and the Evolving Face of Yao in Taiping Propaganda” in Journal of Religion and Violence, 6 (1), May 2018. 127-144.
  • “A Chinese Utopia called the Heavenly Kingdom” in Harvard New Literary History of Modern China, edited by David Wang, Cambridge: Harvard University, 2017. 79–85
  • “Ordering Time in The Taiping Heavenly Chronicle” in Frontiers of History in China (forthcoming special issue)

Grants/Projects/Awards (selected)

  • Early Career Scheme of Hong Kong Research Grants Council 2018
  • New Faculty Start-up Grant, City University of Hong Kong 2017
  • Harvard Asian Center Summer Research Grant, 2016

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