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屈大成博士 (屈大成博士)

BA, MPhil, Ph.D. HKU


Contact Information

Office: LI-4705
Phone: 3442-2802
Email: ciwut@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Chinese Buddhist translations
  • Buddhist philosophy
  • Buddhist Monastic Discipline

Wut Tai Shing received his PhD from University of Hong Kong. He works on Indian and Chinese Buddhism based on Chinese Buddhist translations. He currently teaches Chan(Zen), Chinese culture at the Department of Chinese and History.

Courses Taught

Publications (selected)

  • 《法句經今註今譯》  臺北:渤海堂文化,排印中。
  • 《四分戒本道宣律師疏鈔譯注》 臺北:佛陀教育基金會,2013年。
  • 〈初期耆那教的業論──兼從漢譯佛典看〉,《覺群年刊2012》 北京:宗教文化出版社,2013。
  • 《比丘尼戒之研究》  臺北:文津出版社,2012年。
  • 《原始佛教僧團生活引論》  臺北:渤海堂文化,2011年。
  • 〈古印度吠陀時代之業論〉,《南亞研究》2011年3期。


  • 中國佛教戒律學之研究 (A Study of Buddhist Monastic Discipline in China), Supported by RGC General Research Fund (GRF), HK Government(CityU 152512)
  • 漢譯佛典佛教觀念之研究 (A Study of Buddhist Concepts in Chinese Buddhist Translations), Supported by RGC General Research Fund (GRF), HK Government(CityU 149109)
  • 戒律與中國中古僧尼生活研究(Monastic Discipline and the Life of Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Medieval China), Supported by RGC Competitive Earmarked Research Grant(CERG), HK Government(CityU 151007)


Last updated: 13 October 2015