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黃佩賢博士 (黃佩賢博士)

PhD in History CASS


Contact Information

Office: BOC-R6080
Phone: 3442-2817
Email: ciwong@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Chinese Art and Archaeology

  • Cultural Heritage Studies

Dr Marianne WONG received her B.A. and M.Phil. (Chinese Art History) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, her first PhD (Chinese Art and Archaeology) from SOAS, University of London and second PhD (Chinese Archaeology and Museology) from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, P.R.C. Her first PhD study has encompassed research on the combinations of Four Cardinal Animals in tomb decoration, and the Han Cosmology as shown in tomb interior. Her second PhD, a synthetic archaeological study of Han tomb murals, was published by the Wenwu Press and rated “Best 60 Publications in Archaeology and Museology of Year 2008” by the China Cultural Heritage Press. Dr. WONG taught and did research work in the Fine Arts Department, Art Museum and School of Continuing Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, before joining of the City University in 1999. Her teaching and research interests include Chinese Art and Archaeology, Museology, and Chinese Cultural Studies.

Courses Taught

Publications (selected)


2008 Nov 《漢代墓室壁畫研究》(A Study of Han Tomb Murals)(Chinese), Beijing: Wenwu Press, 2008.
2007 Jul One of the two authors of《通識中國書畫》(Chinese Painting and Calligraphy as General Knowledge), Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Co. (H.K.) Ltd, 2007.

Journal publications

Forthcoming 〈粵劇神功戲與廟宇瓦脊公仔裝飾〉(Cantonese God-worshipping Opera and Roof-ridge Decorations of Temples)(Chinese), (Colloquia of “圖像與儀式:中國古代宗教史與藝術史的融合 The International Conference on Ceremonies and Images: Chinese Ancient ceremonial Art”) organized by and held at the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies of the Fudan University, Shanghai, 3-5 Dec 2011, forthcoming.
2015 July ‘Han Pictorial Art — categories, usages and meanings (English)’, Bulletin of the Oriental Ceramic Society, no.15 (2015), pp. 48-56.
2015 May 〈石灣公仔 ——從文化遺產的角度出發〉(“Shiwan Figurine” in Cultural Heritage Perspective) (Chinese), Chinese Culture Quarterly 九州學林, vol. 35 (2015), pp. 141-156.
2013 Dec 〈漢代四靈紋石棺槨〉(Han Dynasty Siling Sarcophagus)(Chinese), in Shandong Provincial Museum ed.,《齊魯文物》Qi Lu wenwu, vol. 2, Beijing: Kexue chubanshe, Dec 2013, pp. 71-84.
2011 Jun 〈近年關中地區出土西漢壁畫墓的啟示〉(Message from Western Han mural tombs newly excavated from Guanzhong area)(Chinese),《文博》(Wenbo), 2011, no.3, pp. 9-13.
2010 Jan 〈漢代壁畫墓的分區與分期研究〉(Classification of Han Mural Tombs — In View of Locations and Dates)(Chinese),《考古與文物》(Kaogu yu Wenwu), 2010, no.1, pp. 74-80, 98.
2009 Jan 〈漢墓出土的山水圖像 — 對中國山水畫起源問題的再思考〉(Landscape Paintings from Han Tomb — Reviewing the Origin of Chinese Landscape Painting)(Chinese)’,《四川文物》(Sichuan Wenwu), 2009, no. 1, pp. 70-75.
2006 Dec ‘Power of Image — A Study of the Siling Combinations in Han Tomb Interiors (English)’, in Research Centre of Art History, Zhongshan (Sun Yat Sen) University ed. The Study of Art History, vol. 8, Guangzhou: Zhongshan University Press, Guangzhou: Zhongshan University Press, 2006, pp. 163-198.
1997 Nov 〈程正揆「江山臥遊圖」的次第問題(Problems related to the numbers of Cheng Zhengkui’s Dream Journey among Streams and Mountains series)(Chinese), in《文物》(Wenwu), 1997, no. 11, pp. 80-85.

Book Chapters

2014 Sept

〈西漢兵馬俑與「車馬儀仗圖」帛畫 —— 出行內容的兩種表現〉(Representations of Procession in Western Han Terracotta Army and Silk Painting on Guard of Honor)(Chinese), in Institute of Archaeology, CASS, & Xinjiang Cultural Bureau, eds. Archaeology of Han Dynasty Western Regions and Han Culture, Beijing, Kexue Chubanshe, Sept 2014, pp. 360-369.

2013 Oct

〈漢畫與文字題記——漢代墓葬記銘的兩種形式〉(Han Paintings and textual Inscriptions — Two kinds of historical records in Han Tomb)(Chinese), in the Colloquia for the Fourteenth Annual Conference of the China Association for Han Pictorial Art, Xi’an: San Qin chubanshe, 2013, pp. 40-47.

2012 Oct 〈從秦俑到漢俑 — 大型兵馬俑的創製與早期變革〉(Tomb figures from Qin to Han — creation and early reformation of large scale terracotta army)(Chinese), in Hong Kong Museum of History ed. Collected Essays on the International Conferene on “The Majesty of All Under Heaven: The Eternal Realm of China's First Emperor”, Hong Kong, 2012, pp. 233-242.
2011 Sept

〈論漢代墓室壁畫的功能〉(Functions of Han Tomb Murals)(Chinese), in Wu Hung, Zheng Yan (eds.)《古代墓葬美術研究》(Studies of Ancient Tomb Art), Beijing﹕Wenwu Press, 2011, pp. 41-54.
2009 July 〈漢代墓室壁畫的發現與研究回顧〉(Review of the Excavation and Research of Han Tomb Murals)(Chinese), Chinese Archaeology Association ed.《中國考古學年鑑 2008》(Chinese Archaeology Annual 2008), Beijing: Wenwu Press, July 2009, pp. 128-141.
2008 May 〈西漢前期墓室壁畫的啟示 — 兼論墓室壁畫的起源問題〉(Tomb Mural of Early Western Han Period — with a discussion on the Origin of Wall painting in Tomb)(Chinese), in Institute of Archaeology, CASS., P.R.C. et al. eds.《漢長安城考古與漢文化》(Han Chang’an City Archaeology and Han Culture)(2 vols.), Beijing: Kexue Cubanshe, 2008, vol. 2, pp. 434-445.

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  • A Study of Han Tomb Murals (published in 2008 Nov by the Wenwu Press) rated “Best 60 Publications in Archaeology and Museology (全國60佳文博圖書) of Year 2008” by the China Cultural Heritage Press《中國文物報》.
  • PhD thesis, “A Study of Han Tomb Murals” won  the “Third-class Award 三等獎” in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Excellent PhD Contest, 2009-10.


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