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馬家輝博士 (馬家輝博士)



Contact Information

Office: LI-4714
Phone: 3442-2475
Email: cima@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • 政治社會學
  • 文化研究
  • 政治理論
  • 調查方法論

Ka-Fai Ma received his PhD degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently an assistant professor of the Department of Chinese and History in City University of Hong Kong. His major research areas are Sociology of Culture, Class Analysis, and Political Sociology. He is devoted in teaching subjects of Creative Writing, Cultural Industry, and Media Analysis. He has published over 20 books of essays, many of them are bestsellers. The novel "Once Upon A Time (I)" was published in 2016 and won 20 literature prizes and recognitions. It was also translated into various languages including French and Korean. It will also be turned into a film project by the international well-known director Johnny To. "Once Upon A Time (II)" was published in 2020, another debut novel of 220,000 words.

Courses Taught

Publications (selected)

  • <龍頭鳳尾> 台北新經典文化
  • <消滅李敖, 還是被李敖消滅?> 台北遠流/北京中信
  • <死在這裡也不錯> 北京三聯/台北麥田/香港天窗
  • <愛戀無聲> 北京三聯/香港天窗
  • <江湖有事> 北京三聯/香港天窗
  • <中年廢物> 台北本事
  • <都市新人類> 台北遠流
  • <如何掌握消費者心理> 台北遠流
  • <心理學小品> 台北桂冠
  • <愛上幾個人渣> 台北時報文化/廣西師範大學
  • <愛. 江湖> 台北麥田
  • <回不去了> 台北本事
  • <我們> 香港花千樹
  • <你們> 香港花千樹
  • <他們> 香港花千樹
  • <在廢墟裡看見羅馬> 香港天地
  • <站錯邊> 香港花千樹
  • <日月> 中國人民大學
  • <明暗> 中國人民大學
  • <我們已經走投無路> 香港花千樹
  • <大叔> 香港花千樹/北京十月文藝
  • <小妹> 香港花千樹/北京十月文藝


Last updated: 21 July 2020