World Archaeology and Heritage (GE2114)

Course Aims

Archaeology strides between the disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences. The modern archaeological excavations, both in the West and East, have contributed significantly to correct and construct our understanding about the historical past, hence providing the backgrounds of the cultural traditions and inheritance found in different societies around the world.

The aim of this course is threefold: firstly, it provides the essential knowledge of the archaeological finds from the Mesopotamia, Egypt, Archaic and Hellenistic Greece, pre-Qin China, India, as well as the Mayan and Andean civilizations in the New World; secondly, it introduces the various archaeological methods and theories adopted from Anthropology, History, Sociology, and Fine Arts; and thirdly, it explains the misunderstood image of treasure-hunting connected to Archaeology and analyses the modern interpretations and heritage management at the ancient sites.


Medium of Instruction: English

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Last updated: 04 September 2014